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¿What is a website hosting?

December 20, 2022
¿What is a website hosting?

Like you, we also asked ourselves this question when we wanted to start our web project.

Web hosting can be found anywhere on the internet, if we look closely when browsing the Google network doing certain searches, we will find a page that resolves that question or concern, but how is it possible that this website exists?.

Well, the answer is very simple, everything is thanks to a hosting that allows the website to be displayed on the internet.

So that you understand it better, a hosting is a series of computers (which should not be turned off because if that were to happen our website would stop working) that validate information that they have to store in the cloud and send that information or DNS to the internet .

Beneficios de tener Hosting

A hosting service can be very useful for your projects, such as the creation of online stores or web pages.

Your own hosting will bring you many advantages such as:

  • Having your own cPanel: this is one of the most sought-after options when it comes to having your own hosting, since it allows you to edit the content of your domain in an optimal and efficient way.
  • The accommodation: it offers us unlimited bandwidth to store information, this will vary depending on the hosting provider you want to use. You will have better storage capacity and good performance if your website loads.
  • Technical support: our own hosting offers us a helpline that helps us with any problem regarding our domain or hosting, giving us the opportunity to have a real-time chat with support.
  • Mail: allows us to store the emails of our users.

Hosting Types

There are several types of hosting and each one will be adapted to your economic capabilities, obviously if you are starting in this world of web pages I recommend that you visit the following article which explains which are the 5 best free hostings for my website in this 2023 .

But now, if you are a person who wants to take your project seriously… I would recommend that you use a paid hosting.

One of what we recommend at Hostinger for its reliability and the good treatment it gives its users speaking two languages, English and Spanish.

Note: Obviously we are not saying that you go and buy Hostinger at all, we only recommend these services that we occupy and personally we do not have any type of complaint. Of course there are other hosting providers which may be better.