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Top 5 Free Website Hosting Services to Consider in 2023: get Hostinger for $0

December 19, 2022
free hosting services

Like you, we have gone through that uncertainty and we have not asked ourselves the question: is there really a hosting for my website that I can buy for free?.
Today I want to show you how I can get free hosting, without spending a dollar to start my first website.
We understand your situation and we do not want you to pay anything if you are starting to create your website from scratch without any experience.

Is free hosting better than paid web hosting?

My work team says that the level of importance they want to give to their website depends a lot. If they want to give it a professional approach, we will recommend that you opt for paid hosting. However, you are a person who is starting to create your site. web because it may seem like a good idea to have free hosting.

Free hosting has many disadvantages such as:

  • Shared servers
  • Loading times are slow
  • You will see advertisements for free accommodation

This more than anything can be very useful for you to practice, to test things like uploading a website, etc.
Obviously a free hosting has no comparison to a paid hosting, whether it is your own or shared, since we will always do a thousand times better than a free hosting, for serious and medium-sized projects it will be very useful to have a paid hosting.

One of the advantages of having your own hosting is:

  • Improves loading times
  • Technical support
  • Greater customization
  • Has no intrusive ads
  • You can have several Gmail
  • You will have better results

The best free hosting with cPanel

These are the best free web hosting services we have found, which use cPanel to give you the best user experience for free in the new year 2023.

1. GoogieHost

hosting free googiehost
One of the reasons why we put this hosting (GoogieHost) first is because we can choose two languages: English and Spanish.
This does not mean that it is the best free hosting that exists, I leave it in the first place because it allows users to change languages and it is very useful for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. In fact, in this article you will find better free accommodations and with better services than this one.
Something very important that I want to highlight is that this hosting also has a paid version, but in this case we will only focus on the free version and what can benefit us.

Benefits offered by the free version of GoogieHost

  • Accommodation: They offer us an SSD of up to 1000 MB, it has a fairly fast system with a solid state hard drive, but they only offer us (1GB) which is good enough for testing.
  • Zyro Builder: is a page builder.
  • cPanel: one of the most important things in this article is to offer you cPanel for free.
  • Free subdomain.


As its name says, it offers us free hosting and also offers us the option of having its paid version, we can also buy a domain and register it within it.
This accommodation is only in the English language and something very important is that to use FreeHosting we must have our own domain.

Benefits offered by the free version of FreeHosting

  • Accommodation: They offer us 10 GB of unlimited bandwidth.
  • Email account: they offer us only 1 account.
  • MySQL: we will have access to a MySQL database.
  • cPanel: this hosting has this that is very important and the best thing is that it is offered for free.
  • Site Builder: allows us to build web sites quickly and easily.
  • Apps installer: It is very similar to WordPress.


gigarocket hosting free
This option is very similar to the two previous ones that I mentioned, the only outstanding thing about this accommodation is that it is recommended for students.
Let’s remember that free hostings are used to test the import, export of websites, they are used a lot to have a better knowledge on the subject of hosting.

Benefits offered by the free version of GigaRocket

  • Accommodation: They offer us 1 GB of free bandwidth.
  • cPanel: It has CPANEL/FTP/PHP/MYSQL.
  • Optimization: it is optimized for WordPress.

Ah, unlike FreeHosting, this offers us 10 MySQL accounts, a database, 10 FTP accounts, allows 25 emails and 5GB of space.


infinityfree hosting
The next option that we will recommend has a more professional approach with the advantage that this site does not display intrusive ads on your website.
This hosting offers us unlimited websites and has been in the industry for more than 10 years, which gives us some security and confidence when choosing it as an option.

Benefits offered by the free version of InfinityFree

  • Hosting: it is the best free hosting with the best speed (but it doesn’t tell us what kind of speeds it offers) and unlimited bandwidth. We can put any domain in it since it has more than 25 extensions.
  • No Ads: It doesn’t force us to have ads on our site, which we think is a very interesting fact.
  • cPanel: it has this option to allow us to manage our domain in a better way, removing many limitations.
  • Softaculous Script Installer: this hosting has its own installer compatible with the most popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, MyBB, PrestaShop, Drupa and phpBB.

Something very interesting is that it also offers us the option of up to 400 MySQL databases, which is quite a lot. We also see that it offers us several versions of PHP up to the latest version.

X10 Hosting:

X10 Hosting
This service offers many features, let’s say so, to satisfy basic needs and, just as they offer us the paid version, they also offer us the free version.
One of the things for which this hosting service has stood out is that it offers us the ability to use cPanel in the free service.

Benefits offered by the free version of X10 Hosting

  • Hosting: unlimited access to bandwidth, with unlimited storage on top of that it is backed up with a cloud server with SSD which allows users to have a fast and more or less good hosting experience.
  • cPanel: it has this option to allow us to manage our domain in a better way, removing many limitations.
  • Quick installation: allows us to create our website with WordPress quickly and easily.

One of the disadvantages of using this hosting is that it does not have customer service.

How to get Hostinger for free?

Undoubtedly one of the best service providers we have tested and that you too could start using to develop your websites.
The good thing about this accommodation is that it is regionalized, which means that it is available for most countries.
Currently the cheapest Hostinger plans if you choose to purchase it range from USD 1.99 with the simplest plan that would be shared hosting up to USD 3.99, if you want to know more about these services visit their official website here.
Hostinger also has its free hosting service which has many limitations, but it has excellent technical support for its free version.
In this free plan we will only have the right to:

  • 1 website
  •  300MB of SSD storage
  •  300 Visits per month
  •  Unlimited bandwidth (3GB)